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Vrihedd's Rebellion

BO3 with ban
Type of tournament
Single elimination
Tournament mode
ESC Card Gaming
Tournament creator

Tournament rules

Type of tournament: BO3 with ban (until 2 wins)

You choose 3 decks each from same faction.

Opponent ban one of your decks and you ban one of his.

Special rules of this tournament:
Rules are simple:
👉 1 v 1, Best of 3, single elimination;
👉 Conquest format, 3 Scoia'tael decks, 1 ban;
👉 Each of the three skellige decks must have three different leaders, and three different deck archetype. E.g. Brouver Shupe, Eithne control e Francesca spella’tael is allowed
Brouver control, Eithne control e Francesca spella’tael is NOT allowed

Console players are welcome too: 👉 Borrowing PC profile for console users

👉 After registering, remember that you have to send us your three decks on our mail so we can check that they are three different archetypes; Screenshots or lists are both okay.
More info: Vrihedd's Rebellion
Talk about this tournament on organizer discord: ESC Card Gaming Discord Have fun and good luck!


Check-in start 60 minutes before tournament and ends 10 minutes before start

Additioal info


Premium kegs:
1. place 15 kegs
2. place 10 kegs
3. place 5 kegs

Meteorite Powder:
1. place 1200
2. place 800
3. place 400


By playing in this tournament you accept this rules


Organizer of this tournament is: ESC Card Gaming