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Foltest Superleague

BO5 with ban
Type of tournament
Group phase + final phase
Tournament mode
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Tournament rules

Type of tournament: BO5 with ban (until 3 wins)

You choose 4 decks each from different faction.

Opponent ban one of your decks and you ban one of his.

Special rules of this tournament: Basic rules for Superliga Foltest:
24 players seeded randomly in 4 groups of 6 players.
-Single round robin format, which means each player plays once against each same group player
-Bo5, with a ban. Conquest format. Draws are counted as a win for each player.
-1st, 2nd and 3rd player of each groups advances to the final phase.
-Players are NOT allowed to use deckbuilding since pick/ban are sent.

Final phase
-Decks are sent before start of the final phase.
-2nd and 3rd are seeded on 1/8 of finals, seeding in a way people from the same group can't be matched until semifinals
-1st are seeded on 1/4 of finals.
-Single Elimination. Bo5, one ban. Conquest format


Check-in start 60 minutes before tournament and ends 10 minutes before start

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By playing in this tournament you accept this rules


Organizer of this tournament is: Gwent_Esp