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The information provided by the streamers will automatically appear on the site
and allow them to reach more viewers.

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We invite you to cooperation.
See what we have prepared for you.

If you want to become a streamer cooperating with us and you are satisfied with the conditions presented here, click on the "I accept the rules and I want to join" button.

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Principles of cooperation

What we provide:
  • Informing on social media that you are streaming from the tournament.
  • A field for links to your social media in profile.
  • Your viewers get a special badge.
  • You can be seen on the list of people streaming from the tournament on the page.
  • Unlocks the ability to run tournaments licensed on myEsports.
What we require:
  • Informing about tournaments on your social media.
  • Stream from at least one tournament in a month.
  • If you are streaming myGwentCup series on a given tournament at the time of dropping out, give the host a person who is still playing in the tournament.
  • Permission to use your image and data in promotional materials, website and Facebook etc.
  • Average number of viewers on the stream >15 in the last month.

The list of cooperating streamers is moderated, in the event of dissatisfaction with cooperation, we will terminate it immediately.