General rules:

Registration on the site is equal to acceptance of the rules contained here.

Every person who is 16 years of age can register on the site.

Uncultural behavior towards participants and Administration and conscious using bugs (bugs) in the game or on the website for their own benefit, will be punished with the exclusion of the player from further participation in the tournament and / or banned on the site.
Registered users allow free and unlimited use of their usernames, transferred personal data and avatars during and after the tournament.

In communication with myEsports, tournament administrators and other players, only Polish and English are valid.

Special situations:

Breaking the rules of the Regulations may result in the temporary or permanent exclusion of the participant from all tournaments and events organized by the myEsports group and loss of the right to receive awards.

In situations not provided for by the Regulations decisions are made by the Administrator.

Personal data:

The administrator of personal data of Competition participants is myEsports.

Personal data provided to the Organizer by registered users will be processed in order to carry out the tournament, promotion and operation of the site.

Personal data can also be processed when it is necessary to fulfill legally justified purposes of the data administrator. Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to do so will prevent the winners from receiving rewards and prevent the use of a large number of functionalities on the site.

Each person registered on the site also agrees to the processing and use of their data collected in the Gwent: Witcher card game, and available on page


By email:




During the tournament, only contact through Discord is valid.

Tournament regulations:

In addition, the regulations are also valid for specific tournament series available at the following addresses:

and the privacy policy available at this address:

If the tournament has been prepared by an organization other than myEsports, it applies for a given tournament regulations prepared by this organization.

We reserve the right to change the regulations at any time.
By logging into the site you accept the current version of the regulations.
Last update of the Regulations: 04/07/2019 .