Rules of Gwent Legends
Gwent Legends Rules

Rules of Gwent Legends series

Basic info:

Participation in the tournament is tantamount to acceptance of the rules contained in the Regulations.

Gameplay is a duel between players, which seeks to determine the winner of the match.

The number of games in a match determines the format of the tournament.

The match is called a collection of games within a given round.

Tournament format:

Format of each tournament in series is specified here:

Players at the beginning of the tournament choose decks, for the whole tournament.

You can not change the deck during the tournament.

If the game ended with a draw, players repeat it playing the same decks as in a draw match.

During tournament:

Duels between players are played using the "Challenge" option, after adding opponents to the list of friends in the GOG Galaxy client or directly in the Thread.

In order to ban the opponent's deck, use the system contained in the tournament's website.

Winning the game with a given deck excludes it from the further part of the match.

After the match the players should complete the result in the ladder, both approving it.

The match in the first and each subsequent round should start after a maximum of 15 minutes from its appearance in the ladder.

If the player does not appear on the match within the time specified by the Regulations, his opponent has the right to report the walkover to the Administrator.

In the event of a tie, the result of the game is annulled and must be repeated.

Any type of tracker is allowed.

General rules:

Anyone over 16 years of age can enter the tournament.

Unprivileged behavior towards participants and the Administration and the conscious use of bugs (bugs) in the game for their own benefit, will be punished with the exclusion of the player from further participation in the tournament.

Players allow free and unlimited use of their usernames, personal data provided and avatars during and after the tournament.

In communication with myEsports, tournament administrators and other players, only Polish and English are valid.

Special situations:

Breaking the rules of the Regulations may result in the temporary or permanent exclusion of the participant from all tournaments and events organized by the myEsports group and the loss of the right to receive prizes.

If a player leaves the game due to problems with the internet connection, the opponent wins it automatically. Repetition is allowed only with the consent of the winner.

If the match is halted, it should be resumed within 15 minutes. After this time the result will be determined by the Administrator.

The accusation of a participant to break the Regulations should be reported in a private message to the Administrator, containing relevant information and proof.

In emergency situations (eg technical problems) the tournament may be interrupted and resumed at another date.

In unforeseen circumstances, the Administrator makes decisions.


Gwent Legends series winner: 100$.

Premium Kegs: 1st place - 15| 2nd place - 10| 3rd place - 5
Meteor Powder: 1st place - 1200 | 2nd place - 800 | 3rd place - 400

Experience points: 20 for tournament.

And other rewards if listed on the tournament subpage.

If cash tournaments are provided in a given tournament to receive a cash prize, please contact myEsports group and enter your bank account number or PayPal address. For players outside of Poland we send money prizes only on PayPal address.

If in a given tournament there are material prizes awarded to them, they must contact and provide the myEsports group with the address to which the prize is to be delivered.

If the winner is located outside the territory of Poland, and the cost of sending the prize to a given country exceeds 10% of the prize, we reserve the right to send the monetary equivalent of the prize in kind instead of sending the prize.

If the recipient does not send myEsports the data needed to send the prize within 14 days of the end of the tournament, the prize will be void.

Prizes will be sent within 60 days of the end of the tournament.


By email:




During the tournament, only contact through Discord is effective.

In addition to the rules of the tournament, the general rules of the site are also available at:

We reserve the right to change the regulations at any time.

By logging into the site you accept the current version of the regulations.

Last update of the Regulations: 15/04/2019