Tournament Rules

Tournament type: BO5 with ban (until three wins)

You choose 4 leaders each one from another faction.

The opponent banishes one of your leader and you ban one of his.

Special rules of this tournament:
"In the Dark Alley" Rules

Schedule and Communication
Players could sign up to the tournament to 28th September to 2pm CEST
Since 2pm CEST to 2:50pm CEST will be led check-in i.e reconfirmationof entries

Additionally every players have to send own decklists at to 27th September to 11:59pm.

For easier communication players should be have discord account and also should be on MyEsports discord server MyEsports discord:
Any additional informations you can find on #in-the-dark-alley text channel
If a player does not show up for his/her match in 10 minutes from round start, they will lose the match (2:0).
If a player doesn’t appear for two matches in a row, they will be disqualified from the tournament.
Bugs and disconnects:
If one player disconnects from the game, that player will automatically lose that game.
The opponent of that player has the option to offer a single rematch with the same deck lists if time permits.
If both players are experiencing the same technical issue and cannot play their game, the game will be counted as a draw.
If a disconnect occurs and the player disconnecting would have surely won the game, we recommend the players to apply rules of fair play.
Reporting results:
Player are allowed to reportthe scores in MyEsports website at section "Your Share" ---> "Play in the Tournament"
In this tournament decklists are open. Please send your decks code from PlayGwent (other forms as for example screenshots accepted too) by e-mail to Decks for day 1 and day 2 until 27 september 23:59 CEST
Ties during Swiss rounds: if the tie happens during the first 4 rounds of Swiss, the match will NOT be replayed, each player gets a victory assigned to the final score (1:1) if the tie happens during the last 2 rounds of Swiss, the match shall be replayed.
Ties in the Final Ranking of Swiss Format will be resolved with TB (tie breaker) system default on myEsports
First Day:
Each player is to bring 3 different decks to the Swiss stage while maintaining standard MyEsports rules, one of which will be banned by his or her opponent prior to each match (Bo3).
Each deck needs to be from a unique faction.
Second Day:
Each player is to bring 4 different decks to the knockout stage, one of which will be banned by their opponent prior to each match.
Each deck needs to be from a unique faction.
Every players have to send own decks on second day.
Please mark well "Day one decklists" and "Day two decklists"
Leaders and factions from first day don't need be the same in second day.
MyEsports webside has banning tool available during tournament.
We reserve the right to change the regulations at any time.
By logging into the site you accept the current version of the regulations.
Last update of the Regulations: 27/09/2019.


The check-in starts 60 minutes before the tournament and ends 10 minutes before the start


When playing in this tournament, you accept this ruleset

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

15 minutes

Starting from choosing an opponent, the player should choose the ban and start the game. Including invite your opponent to friends on GOG.

If your opponent does not show up at the time, please report walkover.


You can not change cards in selected decks throughout the tournament.

Unless the regulations of a particular tournament allow it.

Players repeat the game

Using the same decks.


The organizer of the tournament is: myEsports