Tournament Rules

Tournament type: BO5 with ban (until three wins)

You choose 4 leaders each one from another faction.

The opponent banishes one of your leader and you ban one of his.

In this tournament there are no special rules for the cards in the deck.


The check-in starts 60 minutes before the tournament and ends 10 minutes before the start


When playing in this tournament, you accept this ruleset

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

15 minutes

Starting from choosing an opponent, the player should choose the ban and start the game. Including invite your opponent to friends on GOG.

If your opponent does not show up at the time, please report walkover.


You can not change cards in selected decks throughout the tournament.

Unless the regulations of a particular tournament allow it.

Players repeat the game

Using the same decks.


The organizer of the tournament is: myEsports