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Gwent Legends

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Only one player will stay on the battlefield, will it be you?
Choose the best locations for yourself, match decks to the location conditions and do not give opponents a chance to survive!

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Gwent Legends


  • KissAndRun
    You can join all tournaments in zone I at once here.
  • InNomineSatanas
  • TA_Lothari
    KissAndRun - could you provide some details on how Zone 2 will work (for prep purposes). For the Von Everec Estate tournament are there any other restrictions than Bo11. Maximum number of decks per faction? Can you bring a leader more than once? Things like this. It'd be very useful. Thanks :D
  • KissAndRun
    TA_Lothari - For the Von Everec Estate you can not have 2 same leaders. You can have up to 6 leaders from same faction.
  • NightElemental
    So if you win on multiple locations, what happens? Also do you need to have been a winner in round 1 to play round 2? Round 2 says we can join all locations but there are only 2 hours between them which I doubt will be enough.
  • KissAndRun
    NightElemental - if you win slot on multiple location you just take a spot from someone else making it a little easier for you latter on. To play in zone 2 you have win spot from zone 1. Yes you can join them all if you qualify (locations in zone 2) but for someone who will manage to get high in bracket there would be no enaugh time, he will need to decide if he will show up.
  • Klafiir
    Mam pytanie. Byłem w ćwierćfinale czyli w top8 tego turnieju w porcie Kaer Trolde a nie mogę się zapisać na żaden z dzisiejszych turniejów.Czemu?
  • KissAndRun
    Klafiir, nie wygrałeś żadnego meczu a jest to wymóg przejścia dalej. Z zasad powyżej: Żeby przetrwać musisz wygrać co najmniej z jednym przeciwnikiem i zajść odpowiednio wysoko (każdy turniej ma innym limit, lista poniżej).

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