News: Interview with Kams134

Interview with Kams134

16th and 17th of march were big days for Gwent. CDPR held it’s first tournament after homecoming - Gwent Open #7, and we were able to see lots of high level play. The dust has settled, shupe is back on lader, and players are back home. We were able to have a conversation with one of polish players Kams134. He shared with us his insight on the tournament, not only games, but also organization. We will also get to know him better.

How do you feel after the last open, what were you expecting?
I’m definitely not happy, I’d even say that I’m disappointed. I was planning to guarantee myself a spot at challanger. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to win. My line-up was actually decent against 4 players out of 7. Unluckily I was matched up against Wangid, who had unusual decks and was well prepared; not everything is lost though, I’m gonna be attending Challenger qualifier, so I still have a shot at qualifying. [Kams didn’t qualify challanger, he ended up 17 on day one, which resulted in him not going further].

How have you prepared your decks for tournament? Were you expecting tournament meta to be similar to one on ladder?
Every deck I brought, I created myself. I was planning on targeting Eredin. Commander’s Horn is quite popular on lader so i decided that if i take Geralt:Yrden I’ll be able to punish it. My predictions turned out to be right, there was an Eredin dec and there were CHs as well, unluckily though the drawing didn’t place me against those players.

Against who your chances were highest?
Against players from TLG (Team Leviathan Gaming), ProNEO i TailBota. TLG players had Gernichora and were playing Commander’s Horn – I played Geralt: Yrden in every deck. NEO played a combo Slyzard – Eredin, and i was ready for this matchup. TailBot played King Henselt and Woodland Spirit which i could counter with Geralt: Yrden and Gimnpy Gerwin.

Other players brought interesting and unusual decks, eg. Molegion’s Filavandrel. It’s obvious that he didn’t create this deck on his own, do you plan on joining any team, which could improve your performance?
I’ve recieved an invitation to few teams, but I haven’t made my mind up yet. I think that being part of a team offers you more deck ideas, which definitely gives you a better chance to find the best option. Finding a sparring partner becomes easier as well. [yesterday Kams joined TLG Team]

How would you rate the organisation of official tournaments. How does your communication with tournament promoters look like, are there any setbacks?
About the official tournaments- I’ve been on two, and everything was running smoothely. Any questions or problems we had, were instantly resolved. Organisation was on the highest level, and if i was the one creating this event, I wouldn’t change anything. We weren’t lacking anything.

For now you’re the youngest player, who made an appearance on official tournament. How do you get on with other players? Do you feel any discomfort because of it?
None rates anyone by age, we all treat each other friendly. My greatest problem is language. I’m slowly learning though and everything is looking better and better. I’d like to say thank you to Molegion and Kacper for help with language and communication. Over the whole tournament you can feel the friendly atmosphere, there is no malice between players, neither before the match, nor after it.

What do you think about the upcoming expansion? Have you seen the new cards?
If you are talking about mechanics, I haven’t been reading into them yet, so I can’t say too much about them. But I really like the new card arts, and i can’t wait to see them in game.

It’s your second showing at a high level tournament, your plays were being watched by thousands of people all over world, you are one of the best players of Gwent. What take does your family and friends have on this?
I was trying not to talk to much about it, but one of my friends likes Gwent and when he saw me on the banner of Gwent Open 7, he told everyone about it. About the family, my mother wasn’t happy that I’m spending so much time playing games, but when I started to figure among the best players, she changed her attitude. Besides this my brother, uncle and Aga are cheering for me.

Are you planning on getting into more official tournaments, if CDPR announces next tournament season?
It’s hard to answer at the moment.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in your next rounds of gwent!
Thank you, that I could share some insight, and im rooting for growth of MyEsports.


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