News: Answers from the forum and leaks of the march expansion!

Answers from the forum and leaks of the march expansion!

Answers to the questions asked by the players and the latest leaks of the upcoming march expansion.

February has already passed, which means that we should get some juicy leaks about incoming expansion in the near future. Luckily we’ve got leakmaster PaweĊ‚ Burza, who besides revealing some card arts on one of last devstreams, has been constantly answering questions on the official forum (if you have some gwent concerns, that’s definitely the best place to resolve them). We prepared the most interesting news from forums for you:

  • CDPR isn’t planning on changing board lighting, neither making it darker, nor lighter.
  • Silver cards won’t be coming back to game.
  • Cards like Witcher's trio or Unicorn with Chironex won’t be changed anymore, CDPR thinks they’re fine atm.
  • An Craite Marauder is being looked upon, but CDPR doesn’t plan on changing it atm.
  • CDPR is planning on adding more sound effects for leaders, but it’s not a priority right now.
  • For the time being there won’t be any control over coinflip in friend matches.
  • No plans for replays either.


Moving away from official forums to our beloved reddit, we’ve got a user named Heraclee, who decided to dig a little bit in the game files. He found some news about the incoming expansion (note that all information below comes from an unconfirmed source).

  •         We will be getting a special store offer including;

       Skin for Unseen Elder named “Blood Armor”, 40 cards from the expansion and a new cardback.

  • Expansion’s name should be “Crimson Curse”.


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