News: Meet ESC Gaming

Meet ESC Gaming

Check ESC Gaming group from Italy who also create one of Gwent league allowing to get slot to European Championships.

Read few words from IBabaYaga who describes ESC Gaming and learn what are the things they do.

From our previous experience as admins in Gwent Italy, we have formed this new organization under ESC Gaming, a specific division dedicated to online card games!
We will deal mainly with Gwent, Magic the Gathering: Arena, Artifact, Hearthstone and also Pokemon TCG online.
Our goal is to provide to the community guides, articles, meta snapshots, decks and organize events such as tournaments and LANs.
Right now we are organizing the european championship with other organization as MyEsports and GEP, with the first Italian Gwent League.
Our aim as an italian organization is of course increasing popularity of these card games in Italy, but international players are more than welcome too! In fact we'll try as possibile to provide contents in english too, in order to help the community as much as we can!

Links to all ESC Gaming socials:

- ESC Card Gaming Discord
- ESC Card Gaming Facebook
- ESC Card Gaming Group on facebook
- ESC Card Gaming Twitch
- ESC Card Gaming Instagram
- ESC Card Gaming Twitter

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