News: Interview with team Legacy

Interview with team Legacy

We invite you to read this interview with team Legacy, in which name answered Danirai. Among other things, we are talking about advantages of being a part of esport team and upcoming season 2 of Gwent Masters.

Legacy (LGC) has been established in 2019 by Wezus, members: Iluxa, Xiwer, Lerio, Andi, Javis, InNomineSatanas, SirGr3x, TheMoses, Konsiu, J.Constantine, Danirai.

Let’s start from basics. What does your e-sport team actually do?

Our team focuses mainly on competitive aspect which means we’re trying to make an environment for our players to become better versions of ourselves. We’re practicing with each other for tournaments, testing decks or just discussing things on our discord channel. I’m glad the relations between all members are great. When it comes to giving something for Gwent community, right now we’re not doing as much as we would like to. So far we made one tournament, one season of Legacy League and few articles on our website. We’re planning to revive it soon.

You are one of newer Gwent teams, what did you manage to accomplish so far?

First success was when me and Reynevan managed to get top8 on Aretuza’s LAN in Warsaw. That’s also where we met Xiwer. He lost in the final but did great overall and joined us soon after it ended. The next and propably the biggest success was during the EGC season. Arguably we did the best amongst all teams. 7/9 members at that time qualified to top32, and 4/7 tournaments were won by our players. When it came down to these memorable quals one day after the patch we didn’t really shine that day. Andi was an exception, firstly not even qualified, got a spot in the last minute because some players resigned before the start but managed to go all the way to the finals in Italy. He didn’t win, but still did great, and we’re happy for him. Not a while ago a charity team tournament was held. We beat the favourites in Aretuza and nearly won the whole thing, unfortunately we lost in the final to TRS - 4:3 after some great games. I believe at that moment even people who didn’t take us seriously started doing that. Last huge success was when TheMoses won TMLA - a tournament for Polish University players all across the country. I think he fully deserved the win after beating some of the strongest players out there.

Are you happy with Gwent Masters season 2 ruleset presented lately?

Definetly. A system with many chances to qualify is a relief for us. It requires much less grinding. Of course still hitting top16 or top64 takes some time, but it would not be a problem at all for us to have a couple of players playing in quals every single month. It’s really about time when one of our players goes to represent us on the official stage. It’s not going to be easy, but one good day is what it takes to get there. Although when you’re not a top shelf player it might be hard to win a qualifier more than one time. That basically means, when the opportunity comes, make the most out of it.

Why should a Gwent player want to join your team?

First of all there are no downsides of being in a team. So if you want to improve yourself it’s better to have one. I, personally when got the invite from Legacy didn’t know what to think about it. Didn’t hear of the team, didn’t know the players but i gave it a shot. It was a great decision when we look at the progress we made. I wouldn’t change my team right now, honestly. So a piece of advice from me is: when you’ll get an invitation from any team don’t overthink it. On the other hand, if you want to join a team - for example us - it doesn’t hurt to ask. Maybe you’re actually someone we’re looking for. An encouragement for Polish players is that more than half our roster is from Poland, so you don’t have to speak English. Of course the main conversation still takes place in English.

Why should he choose you over Aretuza or TLG?

Aretuza and TLG are two biggest teams in Gwent. Their sites are great, their players are great and i’m sure when a player could join any team they would go for one of those. But it’s one thing to want, and another to be actually able to join there. When we’re recruiting we try to have the joining player be better than average of our team. We also want to make sure he will actually bring something to the team. Pretty sure they do it this way too. But let’s say someone who’s slightly too weak for one of those is actually a person to consider in our team. I also think Legacy it’s the best option for Polish players.

Do you have minimal requirements for players to join?

Apart from what i’ve already said, we value players, that actively take part in community tournaments. That’s how we got most of the players to our roster. Players that get decent results in tournaments, leagues, ladder but also prove they can fight with the best are all good candidates. It’s also a good thing to be ambitious and set goals for yourself, that we can try to help you achieve.

How many players did join you from iOS players community? Are smartphone users interested in e-sport?

At this moment zero. And it’s not really a surprise. We need to give them some time. Personally, i find mobiles more of a casual platform, but i’m pretty sure in the future we’ll have some players that started on phones, and then moved to competitive playing. So far, after 3 months it’s hard to find people already committed to high-level Gwent. I’m really curious how i would answer this question a year from now.

What is your goal for 2nd season of Masters?

For sure to have our member on the official stage at least once. I think it’s not gonna close on only one performance though. Everyone has their own, personal goals, but some aim really high, even to become a world champion one day. Once again, looking forward how would this answer age. Right now we’ll focus on getting these spots, getting experience in the quals, and finally on making our goals a reality.

Other than that, what are your plans for an upcoming future?

To constantly improve. To have our website working and active. Snapshot? Who knows, i don’t know if it would bring something to the table, but we’ll see. Everyone wants to become even better, so apart from laddering our players also play in the GWENT League, some community tournaments, sometimes even on MyEsports. Any tournament is an experience gained. After all, Gwent is about tournaments. Winning them, specifically.

If someone wants to learn more about Team Legacy where can he find more informations?

This interview is the best source by now. When the site gets done, we’ll also make an informational part, with all the players profiles and such. You can also join our Discord it’s not super active, but if you plan on taking part in the future Legacy League seasons, you have to be there prior. Also Twitter if someone uses it. 

Thanks for the interview! Good luck in an upcoming tournaments for you and the whole Team Legacy.

Likewise! Good luck to MyEsports as well.

Questions for this interview prepared KissAndRun.

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