News: How to fix NR in 6 easy steps

How to fix NR in 6 easy steps

Northern Realms has big problem with keeping engines alive, so we prepared some ideas on how it could potentially get fixed.

How to fix NR in 6 easy steps:

  1. Give Northern Realms ability to store Shields, similarly to how Syndicate gathers coins.

  2. Allow giving shield to cards in hand.

  3. Allow units having up to 3 shield pieces (so the most important units could be secured from the removal caused by cards dealing damage multiple times in one round).

  4. Change cards into generating, using and spending shields: gain 2 shields, gain 1 shield and immediately give shield to unit on field, gain 1 shield each turn, give shield to unit in your hand, give shield to units lying on card's both sides, give shield to opponent’s unit and gain 2 shields, if shielded restore health, if shielded gain charge etc.

  5. Change Formation mechanic, so additionally to their current function, they will generate shield when placed on range row. Add more cards with Formation status.

  6. Add Knight status: if unit doesn’t have shield, make it get one at the start of the turn. Add cards that give knight status to other units.


How it fixes NR:

  1. Lowers the frequency of encountering immediate engine removal.

  2. Ensures the key engine's survivability.

  3. Adds special ways to generate carryover in NR.


Units with sield could still get easily countered by: locking, hard removal, seizing.

How many shields you can gather and the number of shields that will stay to the next round is a subject of balance.

Do you like the idea? Share us your opinions and suggestions in the comment section.

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    Wydaje mi się, że KP stałyby się zbyt potężne. Już dziś w przypadku braku odpowiedzi na enginy KP jest się bez szans, a daj im jeszcze tonę ochrony to rozhuśtają się nie do powstrzymania.

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