News: Metal posters with gwent graphics are there!

Metal posters with gwent graphics are there!

Since today we can buy gwent arts in the form of metal posters via displate

We have a choice between 2 sizes M (45cm x 32cm) for 40€ and L (67.5cm x 48cm) for 81€. Atm, most of choosable graphics come from the latest expansion - crimson curse (74 cards). We have a lot fewer cards from the base set though as we have a few cards from 4 factions (monsters, scoiatael, skellige and northern realms), and some neutral cards. We hope that in the future every card will be buyable as we'd like to apreciate every artist.


If you plan on buying - do it now as until Friday you can use code GWENT30 to get 30% discount!

P.S. Displate offers some Witcher 3 posters as well.

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