News: European Championship

European Championship

This will be the first European event ever organized. Pro players and amateurs from all over Europe are going to fight to get the crown of best player EU. Players from other countries can take part in tournament too.

How can you participate?

The Gwent European Projekt with Gwent Spain, Gwent France, Gwent Germany, Claymore Gwent, ESC Card Gaming and MyEsports have organized 6 country leagues (some have already started and some are about to start). For each league the 4 top players will access to the European Championship which will take place on the 23th of February.

Players from other countries (from outside of Europe too) also can take part in tournament.

In order to enroll to a country league, you should contact the organizers of the event. You can join the GEP Discord server to ask questions, speak with the organizers and meet your future rivals:

The winners will receive material prizes offered by CDPR:

1st Place

  - Regis Puzzle,

  - Witcher flask,

  - Gwent Artbook

2nd Place

  - Gwent Artbook,

  - T-shirt,

  - Pin set

3rd Place

  - Pin set,

  - Lanyard

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