myGwentCup Tournament

Profesional Gwent tournaments with prizes.

Tournament rules:

  • You have to preper 4 decks, each one from diferent fraction.
  • Matches between player are prepered by "Challenge" mode after adding opponent to friends list on GOG Galaxy client or in Gwent client.
  • Changes in decks are possible only in intermission between matches.
  • In order to ban opponent deck you need to use system build in this website.
  • In first round first person to "Challange" is person "higher" in bracket. Website will inform when round start. Next match second opponent "Challange" and so on...
  • Winning game with fraction ban her from other games with that opponent.
  • After ending match both players should send they resoults and confirm them.
  • Match in first and next rounds should start within 15 minutes after being shown in bracket.
  • If player soesn't show up in time can get auto win after informing tournament Admin.
  • If players draw they have to repeat match using same deck.

Prizes in myGwentCup tournament

Turniej Gwinta
Main reward

50 USD for winner

Turniej Gwinta

Metheorite powder

From CD Projekt Red.

Turniej Gwinta

Cup Points

Winner of Cup Points ladder gain slot in
 season Finale.

Prizes season end of myGwentCup

Turniej Gwinta
Main reward

500 USD
for winner

Turniej Gwinta

Totaly in pool 1 500 USD

Turniej Gwinta

Additional rewards

Final of "myGwent Cup II":

  • Winner of tournament earn slot in final of season two of "myGwent Cup II". If he qualify ealier slot get second person in that tournament bracket.
  • If only first part of rule above is done players from second and third place need to play for slot in "myGwent Cup II".
  • Prizes pool is 1500 USD.
  • List of taken slots:
    - Duofanel (winner of first season of "myGwent Cup")