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meta snapshot

We thought threw how to create most professional snapshot with being still entertaining for casual players. After many brain-storms we decide that our meta snapshot will characterised by:

  • Publication around 15 day after patch.
  • Decks for rank players, seasonal mode and for memers.
  • Additional info about changed cards.
  • Short breakdown of esport events.
So check first one...

Tier 1

Wild Card
Wild Card Syndicate is well known list to everyone who played this season. Pretty similiar list was played last month, after releasing of Iron Jugment Syndicate got a huge buff. They get five playable Salamandra cards, and these cards fitted very well into Syndicate playstyle. There is Professor, he is flexible card, you can use it as Dip in Pontar with 6points body, you can give a unit bounty and later kill it with Ewald or Executioner or you can damage enemy unit to 3 power and then kill it with Professor. Another new card is Savolla, this card turned out to be the best card of the expansion, you got big finisher for 18 points, and even is oponent has removal to Frightener you still has 6 points body. Of course you need to have some way to pay the tribute, the easiest way to do it is playing Madame Luiza. Azar Javed, who is a defender for Syndicate, he summons a Scarab with 1 strenght, 2 armor and gives to coins on deathwish, but when we pay a tribute, which we always can due to Azar's profit then mage summons two Scarabs which is almost broken, you get two defenders and oponent need at least 2 interactions to get rid of this cards. Almost always you want to play him into the melee row, because some of your key cards are rowlocked to melee f.e. Menge, Borsodi. Another great card from Iron Jugment that became an auto include in all Syndicate decks is Dire Mutated Hound, this card is an engine who gives you 2 points everty turn if he has armor. So basicaly you play him as 6strenght and 3 armor, and oponent to stop him needs to waste 3 damage that will be soaked by armor in that case you get 9 for 8 in other cases you have engine ticking for 2 every turn. Mutated Hounds are last new cards in this deck, they work really well with our leader ability and Fisstech, they give a chance to kill any unit on the board with poison in just one turn. Bleeding is often very efficient with this deck, because you have biggest finisher among all fractions so even if oponent is a card up he might still not catch up with points.
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Tempo harmony
With addition of cards such as percival and defender st harmony still remains very strong and has one of the strongest long round potential. From my point of view after seeing so much binary decks just to counter dwarfs harmony should be actually more consistent and easier to climb with it.
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Tier 2

Commando foltest - Inspired Zeal
Well known already Blue Stripes list with Inspired Zeal leader ability is pretty good choice for this season. List has fair matchup against all kind of Syndicate playing against Princer Manouver is also a close matchup due to a lot of removals including Falibor, Philippa, Seltkirk and Anseis. Pavetta gives us an opportunity to bleed because with she it is almost certain to draw Commando and play all copies from the deck with using leader ability. One copy of Redanian Elite is a filler that can be easly swapped with Reinforced Trebuchet. Deck contains a lot of 4p cards, but only few of them are bad, and many of them Synergizes well with this deck, f.e. Siege Support is 4points 4p card who can give zeal to your Seltkirk, Merciless or Comando. Blue Stripes Scouts are probably best 4p bronzes in the game if they can target Commandos, having Pavetta in the list makes them 12points bronzes who give carry over points. Aedirnian Mauler makes can enable your Falibor, or Merciless. Royal Guards are here because they are making you key cards more tough to kill, also works well with Duel cards. All in all deck is pretty consistent and has a lot of potential in long round with Draug but also in short round with Commando Swarm.
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Vampires Dettlaf
Updated list from last season. Thanks to yghern now u can safely kick old speartip and the provision cap is letting u now play even more golds because of that. The deck is still very strong with a lot of tempo, decent long round potential and now also extended number of a control cards.
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Redrame's Deathwish.
The list is pretty straight, you open round with Slyzard/Barbegazzi and then you have opportunity to trigger your deathwishes. This deck is born to bleed opponent with your leader ability that refreshes every round and Ozzrel as a finisher in short round 3. Key cards in this deck are Manticore and Miruna, who neither kills or steals enemy engines. The list is not that consistent so you have to be prepeared what will happen if you won't draw Ozzrel. Dettlaff with consume cards is also a great finisher. Mulligan with this deck is all about keeping balance between consume and deathwish cards.
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Tier 3

NG assimilate
High RNG deck but propably still the most valuable option for this fraction. Has a lot of long round potential and is not easy to counter, but still it relies much on your luck and if luck provides it can also give u a lot of fun. Deck has hard times against scoiatel as most of the others and Syndicate since their cards are not really strong in other fractions and its hard to get a value from them.
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You bleed
A pleasant and easy to play deck based mainly on Bleeding mechanics. R1 wins very easily thanks to Larwon and Nekurat, to later press the opponent in R2 and finish off with a 14-point Ozzrel in R3. Remember, after playing the Portal, to bleed immediately and to play Orianna at the right time, so as to get maximum value.
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Decks for Seasonal Mode

Fruits of Ysgith
Deck relies on a huge carryover points thanks to the phoenix and hillock cards u can get 8 points to the next round. Points doesnt even matter in this seasonal cuz your opponent could play them against you and if you will play your phoenix as a first card your opponent cant do much with your hillock only you can use him as an adventage. To make the deck consistent u also play a lot of cards that can get u this combo such as decree incantation and naglfar.
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Meta breakers for memers

In theory this deck should be really good in this meta. There is a lot of portals or other thinning cards. This deck can thin at most up to 11 cards from your opponent, which can lead to nice benefits like Vilgefortz and Tibor for free. You should try to win round one with usual cards such as portal, having in mind not to show that your game plan is milling the opponent.. You can push round 2 with all low tempo milling cards because if your opponent doesn't have 3 cards in the deck then he won't draw enough and it can guarantee at least even cards.
Importuj do moich talii
It's always nice to overpower your opponents with traps, right? A deck based on elves, which we try to get to R3. Then we overflow our opponent with more traps to finally transform them into elves, strengthen them with Isengrim (pulling Aelirenn from the deck) and finishing off with The Great Oak. Often, however, the opponent will bleed you in R2, which can make it very difficult for us to get long r3. This deck is very sensitive to bleed, but if you can make it work it will provide you a great satisfaction.
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2019-11-09 17:00 CEST
In The Dark Alley

Play4Fun #8

Gwent tournament
BO3 Single Elimination
Prize pool
30 premium kegs + 2400 meteorite powder

Abilities playablility

Northern Realms Scoiatael Monsters Skellige Nilfgaard Syndicate
Pincer maneuver
Mystic echo
Arachas swarm
Second wind
Wild Card
Inspired zeal
Call of harmony
Blood scent
Ursine ritual
Imperial formation
Guerilla tactics
Deaths shadow
Patricidal fury
Double cross
Lined pockets
Royal inspiration
Precision strike
Fruits of Ysgith
Reckless flurry
Blood money
Vicious slash
Force of nature
Tactical decision
Deadeye ambush
Sacrificial Vanguard
Strategic withdrawal
Off the books


Writers, consultants and editors: Bart933, Kozix, Pawloex, TroVNut

Manager: KissAndRun

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