Learn Shupe's Day Off abilities

Shupe's Day Off

What Shupe did last summer?

As in real RPG you can decide how has Shupe spent last summer! Has he gone to school for mages? Has he trained to be the best hunter? Or maybe he was appointed to become a knight?
Shupe's Day Off is a card, which generates a decent value, and offers a little bit of flexibility, which makes him constantly appear in the meta. His ability works only if you have no duplicates in your starter deck, so often with him you'll be running some rarely used bronzes like Peasant Militia (one of the signs our opponent might be running shupe). Shupe can be sent to 3 different places, which in game is a pick between 3 forms of shupe, each having its own different abilities. Each form has 5 abilities and we always get a choice between 3 of them (abilities we get are decided by RNG). The golden rule of shupe is that you pick a form which has 2 viable options for the current boardstate of your game (e.g. you shouldn't play shupe hunter if the only viable option for you is 3x3 split damage). This way the risk of getting low value from bad shupe options is lower. For people liking statistics- chance for getting one specified option on shupe is 60%. Recent changes hurt him a lot, but who knows, maybe he'll find his place in meta. Let's take a look at all of the shupe options.

Other trolls always considered him a bit odd - after all, who in their right mind would prefer colorful scraps of paper to rocks?

Mage base power is 2
  • Spawn a random row effect on every row
  • Deal 13 damage randomly split between all other units
  • Move a unit to the opposite row
  • Spawn and summon a random unit to a random row on each side
  • Transform the rightmost card in each player's hand into a random special card
Shupe mage is unplayable in competetive format, as his abilities are involving too much RNG. If you like having fun with the game though, you can try doing some crazy stuff.

Hunter base power is 4
  • Damage 3 random enemy units by 3.
  • Play a random card from your deck
  • Destroy a random enemy
  • Apply a random row effect to an enemy row
  • Boost all units in your hand by 1.
Recent changes to Shupe Hunter have really hurt him. They nerfed 2 abilities that made him so good, which is spliting 9 dmg and boosting units. Boost could've been up to 22 points now it's max value is 13, which can still be decent but opening with shupe hunter is usually not a good idea (condition for getting 13 pts of value). As to damaging 3 random units by 3- it can be good only when we have option to remove decent engines or if enemy units power is a power of 3. Random row effect might be okay depending on the board state, and destroy can be used if someone opens with big how value unit against you (Gabor, Old Speartip) (though in such situation you should probably go for mage - 13 dmg split or charm). Playing a random card is deffinitely the worst ability he has, as big part of your deck is gonna be filled with worse cards to meet his condition. Overall the nerfs made hunter a niche pick in competitive play.

Knight base power is 8
  • Boost an ally by 4
  • Damage an enemy by 4
  • Gain resilience
  • Lock a unit
  • Destroy an enemy artifact
Shupe knight is the safest shupe choice. Especially after the nerfs to hunter, if you run shupe, you'll probably use knight in most of your games (the only downside he has is being in range for high unit removal). He has 2 abilities that can be used almost at any point in the game which is boosting and damaging by 4. Damaging is definitely a better option as removing units is in general good. Resiliance is an option if you are getting bleed, the 8 point carry over is worth a lot. Destroying enemy artifact gives you another option to play around decks running artifacts. Lock is deffinitely the worst option here, but might also find value if you cant remove enemy engine.

Hope you liked this shupe summary, if you have any questions about shupe or incomming articles write it down in comments section below.
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