We have launched an option for console players to rent a PC Gwent account for the duration of the tournament.
Thanks to this, console players will be able to invite 1v1 other PC players to the game.

Before submitting, please make sure that you registered at the site with:
1. The correct and current name of your console Gwent profile
2. E-mail address is active and corresponds to the address you used to register your Gwent profile.
If this data is not current, send first mail with request for an update.

The profile is only available for 1 tournament, if you want to participate in several tournaments, send requests at each tournament.

We collect requests until Wednesday before each tournament!
Before applying for a PC profile, you must join tournament first.
Feature only applies to console players who would otherwise not be able to play in the tournament.
Information about the profiles granted will appear on the page before the tournament.