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Nowy sezon turniejów Play4Fun
New season of Play4Fun tournaments
🏆 New season of Play4Fun starts 23:02 17:00 CET you can win in each of 10 tournaments:
🥇 15 Premium Kegs, 1200 Meteorite Powder
🥈 10 Premium Kegs, 800 Meteorite Powder
🥉 5 Premium Kegs, 400 Meteorite Powder
Poznajcie ESC Gaming
Meet ESC Gaming

Check ESC Gaming group from Italy who also create one of Gwent league allowing to get slot to European Championships.

Hotfix dla Gernichory
Hotfix for Gernichora

Gernichora ability changed from "spawn and play" to "spawn and summon". That means her tokens will no longer interact with artefacts or traps.

Season of Love
Losing ranks during a season will no longer be possible, meaning that you can only gain ranks and move up the ladder. Season trees are not yet available.
MyEsports 2.0
MyEsports 2.0

Welcome in brandnew and redesigned myEsports. See what changes and news for you have been prepared together with the update myEsports 2.0